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Mauritius Beach Holidays have always had the reputation of being a high class. Great 5 star resorts, beautiful white sand beaches, exclusive golf courses, amazing water sports and fine dinning. This generally comes with a price tag to match. The picture perfect postcard views from your hotel and the historic remoteness of the islands (Although they are as easy to get to as anywhere else in the Indian Ocean these days) give the Island of Mauritius a mystique that it is keen to hold on to.

A Brief introduction to Mauritius

Mauritius was first discovered by the Arabs, who named the island Dina Arabi. Since then the islands were an important colony for most of the seafaring nations over the next 500 years. Portugal, Dutch, France and the British have all governed the island nation. Britain gave Mauritius its independence in 1968 and in 1992 Mauritius became a republic.


Mauritius is located in the south west of the Indian Ocean, approximately 2000 km from the south eastern coast of Africa and lies to the east of Madagascar. The country covers an area of 1865 km2 with 330 km of coastline. Mauritius is 45 km in width and 65 km in length.

Port Louis is the current capital and its largest town. The island has a population of 1.25 million with a blend of cultures and religions; consisting of Hindus, Creole, Chinese, Muslims and Europeans. The official language is English but most people are bilingual and are equally fluent in English and French. Creole and French are the main languages in the everyday environment and several oriental languages are also spoken. The English influence is evident on the roads as Mauritius drive on the left-hand side of the road and give way to the right.


The temperature on the coastal areas varies between 22°C in winter and 34°C in summer. In the central part of the island, the maximum daytime temperature varies from about 19°C in August to about 26°C in February. Rainfall as a general guide is higher as the temperature increases as with many tropical locations around the world these are generally in the form of thundery showers. The best time of year for the travelling golfer is during the Mauritian Winter (European Summer) when cooler and dry days are the norm. Occasionally tropical storms do occur these are generally confined to the summer months.


The monetary unit is the Mauritian Rupee which is divided into 100 cents. As a rough guide there are approximately 50 Rs to 1 £ Stirling


The Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Airport 25miles from Port Louis is the main international airport for the island, the country has a 90 day free Visa exemption policy for all European Union countries. For passport holders of other nations 60-14 day Visa are granted on arrival, with a few exceptions for some of the world’s more troubled nations. Regular direct flights from the UK are available with British Airways and Air Mauritius. if you don’t mind changing en-route Air France and Emirates are both good options.


The island paradise of Mauritius, set in a turquoise ocean, offers an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Its very name conjures up an image of tropical luxury such as walking barefoot along white sand beaches, swimming in shallow lagoons and indulging in pampering spa treatments. Beyond the sand-rimmed lagoons and picturesque beaches, Mauritius also offers: historical sites and cultural diversity varying landscapes from the central plateau with its forested mountains to national parks filled with indigenous flora and fauna and a wealth of activities for those looking to get away from the beach and pool. However, the island’s greatest asset is the relaxed charm of its people – the beat of their music and the fusion of their cuisine make this a perfect holiday destination.